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In NEWS on September 12, 2009 at 11:48 pm

Former Columbus musician, Tim Easton, played at a private birthday party Saturday evening, 09/05/09. He flew into Columbus on a red-eye after a Friday performance in Seattle, WA. Despite the minimal amount of sleep that Easton had managed between scheduled performances, he still gave 2 energetic sets at the private party in Victorian Village. He played for a crowd of adoring fans and reminisced about the neighborhood he once lived in years ago. Easton informed the crowd of 60+ that he once lived blocks away on Forsythe Ave. during his college years. In those earlier years Easton would walk to Gallery Hop (which was underway that evening, one black east of the party) with his acoustic guitar to play on the sidewalk among the bustle of the festivities. The former Gallery Hop street musician and Columbus native who contributed to the local sound, has become internationally known for his folk-rock music. Easton gave a truly intimate performance to a group of fans that have supported him from his beginnings.

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Easton posed with the birthday girl, Mona Barber; and despite friends attending to celebrate Mona, Easton was truly the highlight of the evening. Easton received a gracious welcome from the guests, who sat quiet and attentive once Easton began his set. Those seated closest to the stage were obvious long time fans of the local sound as they expressed their excitement after each song and took every opportunity to request their favorites. One female fan had an innumerable list of song requests that she hollered 2 at a time and one song after another, especially if her first choices planned for later in the evening. Easton had a prearranged mood that his song list created. His opening and closing songs captivated his fans and those unfamiliar with the delicate-rock sound that has appeal for music-lovers of every genre and of any age. Most requests, given from every direction in between songs, were all eventually played by the end of the night. But, Easton had to decline a couple song requests that he forgot. “That just happens sometime,” Easton admitted after explaining that over the years some songs merely come and go.

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Easton was a grateful guest and a gracious host of the evening’s entertainment. He commented multiple times on the swanky party, “beautiful home,” and props highlighting the stage. Tiki torches were on either side of the stage front and dozens lined the large yard. A chandelier hung over stage-right, strung from a tree. Stacked bails of hay were up-stage behind Easton and on the ground in rows facing the stage for seating to accommodate the 60+ guests.

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After Easton’s first set he enjoyed a delicious taco from Guzman, who catered the party, and then mingled with the guests. He sold a few copies of his recent album “Porcupine,” which displays artwork that Eaton hand-painted on over 500 copies.

Birthday girl, Mona was grateful for all of her friend’s attendance, including Tim Easton who made this year’s birthday forever memorable

Tim Easton lives in California and is now on a world tour. Visit Easton’s website for a tour schedule, or add as a friend on for updates on local appearances.
Revisit Syncopation for a soon to follow review of Easton’s recent release “Porcupine.”


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