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Red House played at Rafters Bar on Friday 09/11/09. The Columbus blues band, Red House started their set just after 9pm and jammed until almost 1am. The band members took breaks throughout the evening to mingle with the new and familiar faces of Rafters.

Red House, the title of a beloved Jimi Hendrix song, is a befitting name for the bluesy-rock band that riffed their way through original songs, but also did justice to the well played cover songs including, “Red House” by Hendrix.
The Red House vocals were often subordinate, as expected with the blues sound, or omitted all together. But, when the lead-singer did add to the groove– his arrangement, style, and tone exceeded the parallel importance of vocals in blues bands, especially any that locals can expect to find in Columbus. The lead vocals were clear and crisp, soulful, lingering, and jazzy. The lead guitar player added a slight variation while playing the bridge of the “Red House” cover song, but never compromised style or talent in any of his bluesy lead improvisations. The soulful electric bass amplified the loud pulsating rhythms and the drums, ironically, were at time a subtle backdrop to the beat bumping from every other instrument, including another lead guitar and trumpet. The ear couldn’t help but focus only on the lead instruments during roaring measures of a funky bass, long touting trumpet, grooving guitar, or thunderous keys. Red House clearly represents ‘Blues’ by their mere presence once noticing the ‘blues classic’ Hammond organ.
Red House made the house hoot, holler, and get up to dance. Anyone interested in hearing truly well written and preformed blues must surly seek out a Red House performance.


Red House Jams Rafters Bar in North Clintonville
Red House will play at Rafters on Friday, October 9th. Rafters is on Indianola Ave. in Beechwold (north Clintonville), between Cook Rd. and Morse Rd.
Red House plays sets regularly at P.F. Changs in Easton Town Center.

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