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In NEWS on September 25, 2009 at 12:21 pm


Saturday 09/19/09 marked the 2nd Annual Independent’s Day celebration in downtown Columbus on Gay Street and Pearl Alley. The event was a huge success for the local music and art scene in Columbus.

‘Couchfire Collective’ organized the Independents’ Day event. C.C. is a group who share a common drive to progress as individual artists, develop as a collective, and to raise the profile of Columbus’ creative community, ( The endeavors of C.C. have made extreme head-way after only two short years of working towards, and producing the collective event. I.D.09′ truly produced a collective and comprehensive group of artists from Columbus, Ohio.
Local musicians provided endless entertainment throughout the event, over 30 local bands performed at ID09′. Andrew Shaw Band opened the event and Karate Coyote brought the day to a close on the Pearl Street Stage. Local Favorites, such as, Church of the Red Museum, Super Desserts, and Flotation Walls provided superior entertainment throughout the evening hours.
In addition to one of the most exceptional line-ups of free local music offered in Columbus, ID09′ provided a clever and stellar display of local artists as well. C.C. approaches the event as a co-operative effort and not competitive, yet it is fair to say that ID09′ rivaled the Riverfront Art Fest that was underway the same day. Both events showcased unique art displays and promoted talented local artists. But, neither event lacked support form the locals that enjoyed, participated, and
supported the local artists.
Attendees had endless activities to choose from late into the evening. The ALIVE newspaper hosted a dance party at Due Amici, live painting took place in Pearl Alley, live sculpting was underway in the building that house’s Shelf and Skylab, which also displayed paintings and hosted musical performance. Via Colori added creative dimensions to the street with caulk, and J. Gumbos hosted a mural unveiling. The Ohio State University MFA students showcased their work throughout multiple sidewalk displays;
and local film makers provided screenings of their Indi talent at dusk. The Ohio Roller Girls provided amusement racing drunk. And when hunger arose, that too was more than covered at ID09′. Local restaurants on Pearl Alley provided indoor and outdoor seating. But, for those refusing to leave the festivities for mere eats, there were plenty of street vendors to choose from; including the well know ‘Rad Dog’ cooking his famous ‘dogs’.
Independents’ Day is an important event for all local artists in every genre, and it has provided a large scaled collaboration between local artists. ID10′ sure to give locals more talented exhibits and musicians next year. Artists or art related businesses and organizations should contact Couchfire Collective and take part in the event. Their mission is to reach out to all persons and organizations in Columbus eager to support, promote, and develop a strong thriving arts community in Columbus.

For more information about Independents’ Day visit the website at:
Visit the Couchfire Collective website at:

For more information about local efforts to stimulate, strengthen, and expand Columbus Arts visit: and learn about the city’s efforts through The Greater Columbus Arts Council.

All reference links are at the bottom of the page.


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