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artic monkeysThe UK band, Arctic Monkeys play Monday 09/28/09 at the NewPort.

placebo news

The UK band, Placebo performs Saturday 10/03/09 at the NewPort.


The Arctic Monkeys

amonkbathroomThe Arctic Monkeys take the stage at 8pm Monday night at the New Port Music Hall. The band’s sound is often reminiscent of 60’s music but with a thunderous surge of non-stop energy, like that of punk music, which never decreases in energetic delivery. Overall, the band seems to produce an eclectic sound, unique and organic, and they deliver a virtuosic performance that is sure to entertain.

The Sheffield, England natives enjoyed rather quick success in the London music scene starting in 2005.  Their self-released EP quickly gave them major label attention and eventually the Arctic Monkeys reluctantly signed a 1m record contract.   Their first 2005  single “I Bet You Good On The Dance Floor” was #1 on UK charts just after the release. The Jan 2006 album release of “Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not” became the fastest selling debut album in British history.  The Arctic Monkeys gained more U.S. recognition after the release of their 5-track 2006  EP, “Who The F* Are The Arctic Monkeys,” and added U.S. tour dates that included U.S. festivals such as, Austin City Limits 2007.   In the midst of another U.S. tour, Columbus has managed a 09/28/09 date on the tour.  The Arctic Monkeys’ concert tomorrow night will surly delight everyone.

The band’s musical influences are The Beatles, The Clash, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and Oasis.  For those still not sold on purchasing a ticket, check out the band’s website and MySpace page for listening. All band sites are at the bottom of this page.

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placeboperformsThe Placebo Show Is Canceled.

The London based band Placebo will play at the New Port Music Hall Saturday evening, 10/03/09. Placebo is currently touring their recent 2009 release Battle for the Sun. The album’s first single “For What It’s Worth” delivers the energy and honest emotion expected from the band.  Their international stardom is upheld by their raw guitar riffs and catchy choruses. But, the band’s ‘rock n roll’ style helps them fill the bill for live performances.  Placebo is often compared to the raw emotional music of Nirvana, but with much more make-up. Placebo’s lead singer, Brian Molko, sets the band’s music apart from all others with his high pitched vocals and truly unique tone. Molko’s vocals add intrigue to a sound that is already compelling and catchy.

A few of Placebo’s most well-known songs are “Meds,” “Infra-Red,” “Every You Every Me,”  “Pure Morning,”  “The Bitter End,” “Nancy Boy,” and “Running Up That Hill,”* which is included on the soundtrack for the hit T.V. series Bones.

Placebo’s Saturday performance will surely deliver a mix of song favorites that span over more than a decade, since the band formed in 1994. Placebo has long ago accomplished worldwide stardom, playing for thousands in arenas and festivals. Locals in Columbus have a rare opportunity to attend such an intimate show with a band of this scale.

Visit the Music Links at the bottom of this page for band and venue websites.

*”Running Up That Hill” is a cover song, originally released by the UK musician Kate Bush.

brianmokoPlacebo canceled all U.S. tour dates after lead singer, Brian Molko collapsed on a stage in Osaka, Japan.   Molko contracted a virus while on tour in Asia; he over exerted himself while performing ill and  collapsed on stage.    Placebo still played scheduled festivals in the U.K. after the incident, but canceled the U.S. tour.   Placebo’s management said the band has only canceled 3 shows in the last 14years.    Future U.S. tour dates have not been announced.


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