Music News In Columbus, Ohio


Syncopation aspires to promote local musicians or touring bands that may be overlooked or ignored in other local music blogs or publications.

Syncopation intends to launch a cooperative agreement with other local music sites in an effort to increase readership, attention, and promotion of local music.

In addition to the ‘Music Links’, Syncopation will add additional link categories for Local Venues, Recording Studios, and Music Resource Sites. Please leave comments, or email any information for the previous categories as those categories are constructed.

There will be no definitive list or number of links for any category, so all readers are encouraged to contribute information to this blog.

Syncopation may highlight or promote a specific business or band, due to personal experience, but it will never criticize or attack a band or business. Instead Syncopation may remove their info from this page, because there is no such thing as bad publicity.    Syncopation will not post negative reviews of bands, the band will merely cease to be promoted.  Conversely, if a band or business is highlighted, and a reader feels that an additional business or band deserves equal or greater attention, PLEASE comment and share information on this blog. The Promotions Page (under Performances) encourages readers to submit articles for publishing, or email the information and Syncopation will publish a post.

*Authors will receive credit when their article is published. Please visit the ‘Bio’ page for publishing guidelines.


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