Music News In Columbus, Ohio

Submission Info


Readers are encouraged to submit resources and leads for post ideas. Syncopation will promote and review any music related business in Columbus, Ohio.  Syncopation will publish articles written by readers, but a few guidelines are stated below.

Syncopation does not guarantee that all submissions will be posted, nor posted in whole.  Syncopation reserves the right to edit any submitted work or reject the article in whole. A response will be given for all emails, including, a possible publish date. But, those dates are subject to change without notice. Also, Syncopation reserves the right to use all article ideas and reject the submitted work for publishing should an author refuses to revise the content based upon the Syncopation guidelines given to the author. Syncopation will retain integrity and give creative credit to the original author of the topic.  Syncopation hopes that these statements will not need to be referenced and that issues will not arise, but they must be stated just in case.



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